Real Estate

For most individuals, a home is their most significant asset. Real Estate Lawyer, Deidre Powell and her team have over 20 years combined experience, dealing with real estate transactions in Canada and Jamaica.  Our skilled and experienced real estate team will guide you through the process of buying, selling and refinancing your home in Ontario and Jamaica.


Purchase and Sale of Property

Purchase and Sale of Residential Homes, Condominiums, and Commercial Real Estate, and Condominium Development in Ottawa, Ontario and Jamaica.

  • Explanation of  the legal documents and process
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements of purchase and sale
  • Requisition of Status Certificates
  • Advising purchaser’s of transfer tax, stamp duty and other applicable fees
  • Extensive title search to ensure  a free and clear title
  • Calculating and advising on provincial taxes ( Ontario)
  • Notifying  the City and utility companies regarding change of ownership
  • Requesting, reviewing and advising on Condominium Status Certificates
  • Advising borrowers about their liabilities and duties with respect to mortgage agreements
  • Advising Purchasers about Title Insurance
  • Advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability
  • Preparing a final reporting letter


  • Advising borrowers with respect to mortgage liability
  • Offering independent legal advice
  • Performing title searches as required
  • Preparing mortgage documents for registration
  • Requesting a final statement from your mortgage company
  • Advising you about title insurance
  • Preparing a final reporting letter

Leasing of Residential, Retail, Office or Industrial Space

  • Negotiating and drafting commercial leases
  • Reviewing leases  and advising tenants about their rights and liabilities under a lease
  • Advising landlords with respect to lease enforcement

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